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Thursday, December 04, 2008
 Agora phone by Kogan 
A new Google Android phone, Agora, will be released worldwide by the Australian company Kogan on Jan. 29. The basic model will sell for around $200. The Pro model adds WiFi, GPS and a 2.0 megapixel camera. I've always said I don't need lots of features on a phone, just the ability to send and receive email, sync a calendar, surf the web when necessary, and make calls. This looks like one of the best options so far.

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 Georges Simenon must be a bicyclist 
I'm reading The Hotel Majestic by Georges Simenon as a way to get to know Paris better. Simenon is well-respected by many authors such as Hemingway and Paul Theroux and so far I'm enjoying the book. There are several situations in the book in which characters get around Paris on bikes. On page 23 Simenon's character Inspector Maigret, who is riding along with one of the suspects in a recent murder, says: "I can't think," Maigret continued, "why everyone who lives in the suburbs doesn't go by bicycle. It's so much more healthy and agreeable than going by bus or train!" And that was long before Velib.

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