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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Long Recumbent Ride Rode the V-Rex out to Leesburg on a beautiful, cool, Spring day. The recumbent muscles are slowly getting in shape. Rigged the Madden panniers so that they wouldn't fall off when going over a bump. The pannier hooks have a drilled hole through which a screw can be placed to keep the hook on the rail. Despite the extra weight of the panniers and various stuff that I carried, I managed to almost keep up with the hotshots who occasionally passed.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Bike to Work Day Proclamation Rode down to the Government Center yesterday to accept the Bike to Work Day Proclamation from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. We were there in our spandex amidst the other groups of high school athletic teams and other citizens being recognized for one thing or the other, most in formal attire. While racing to beat the rain on the return trip (about 12 miles), I flatted and then got drenched shortly afterwards. The next stop was Whole Foods Market to hand out brochures for Bike to Work Day. In the two hours that I was there I might have talked to 5 or 6 people. The rain put a damper on the lunchtime crowd.

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Garden Haven't been posting here much lately. Don't know why, but life seems to be a bit more hectic now that I have a steady work schedule, albeit only 3 days a week. Volunteer projects, the other job, and family matters take up much of the rest of the time. Managed to get out to the garden on Sunday to check on the carrot, parsley and basil seeds that I planted on March 29th. They are poking their little heads up. We'll see if they can survive the many critters living in and near the plot. Planted some summer squash and bush beans and met some of the other fellow gardeners.

Tour de Georgia Lance won the Tour de Georgia. His team kept him in the yellow jersey by keeping the many breakaways from gaining too much speed on the final stage. He appears to be in pretty darn good shape again this year.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Attended a gallery talk on the Jim Dine Drawings show at the National Gallery.

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Tour of Georgia Now's your chance to see Super Mario in the Tour of Georgia. He won today's stage in a sprint finish (what else).

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Albert Wright Back from Jacksonville after the memorial service for Dad. It's been a sad time this past year, but it was good to be with family and friends to celebrate his life. He was 81.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004
What were they thinking? Bicycle tire manufacturers seem to have gone a little bonkers over the years. Sheldon Brown, as usual, has written a good summary of tire sizes in which he explains why 26.75 does not usually equal 26 3/4. The tires have two different diameters. Luckily the International Standards Organization (ISO) has done a good job of straightening things out, or at least labelling the confusion.

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Monday, April 05, 2004
It was a little surprising to see Bob Dylan doing a commercial for Victoria's Secret. As Zeldman put it, it's a sure sign that the apocalypse is nigh.

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Friday, April 02, 2004
I can never keep straight the hierarchy of the Shimano groups, so I searched on the web and came across this info on
and Sheldon Brown's Shimano page:

Shimano's Group Heirarchy
cheapest to best
Deore LXUltegra600
Deore XTDura-AceDura-Ace

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There's nothing quite like a cold, rainy, dreary day while working in a bike shop. You can almost guarantee that business will be slow and that the shop will be cramped; at least our shop. Since it's a small store, the bikes are stored inside at night and displayed in front of the store during the day. When it rains, only enough bikes are taken outside to make room for us and a few customers. Getting a product from the back wall requires the skills of a contortionist to thread your way through the stacked bikes.

I've learned a lot over the past two weeks by building several bikes and doing minor repairs on others. The shop mechanic is one of the best and he's extremely patient. We're hoping for sun tomorrow, or at least that the rain stops for a while.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004
The Miami Herald article Finding cures for an oil-addicted nation clearly sums up the problem in the U.S. I have no sympathy for people who crave the latest, biggest gas-guzzling SUV and then complain about high gas prices. The fuel-efficiency numbers were on the rise until the advent of the SUV. In fact, I was sorry to see Kerry back off from his earlier support of a 50 cent increase in the gas tax. It's a fact, higher gas prices leads to fewer miles travelled by car. Why should I have to breathe the foul air in this area because people demand big cars that they can drive alone to work miles away from where they live. It's insane.

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