Financial bubble

During the housing bubble people were buying houses simply because they could easily get a loan to finance them. Many couldn’t really afford the houses they bought, but why worry because the price of housing was just going to keep rising. Some people bought multiple houses as investments, because they could. Had a conversation yesterday with someone that sounded eerily like it was from that earlier era; the person had started her own business to invest in gold and crypto currency. She mentioned a scheme to purchase a developing crypto that was guaranteed not to lose money. Let’s hope that when the Bitcoin bubble bursts it doesn’t have a huge impact on the rest of the economy.

Web site conversion

I’ve decided to update my website for a couple of reasons. The old site was difficult to maintain. I coded everything in HTML and CSS. When I made a change I needed to edit the code and upload the file to my server. Using WordPress makes this process easier, although there is an initial WP learning curve. The second reason is that I also developed and maintained the FABB website for many years using the same editing process. Now that others are helping with that work, it needs to be easier to maintain. We’ve decided to convert that site to WP and a team of folks are learning how to update the site. By converting my personal website I have the opportunity to experiment with WP. My old blog at exhalations will probably be around for a while, but I haven’t posted there lately and most of the info is dated.