Counting text occurrences in Numbers

I wanted to summarize the data in a spreadsheet of information about use of Capital Bikeshare bikes. The data contain start and end station and several other variables. I just wanted to count the number of times a bike was checked out from a station in Fairfax County. The data are located on the Capital Bikeshare site. Currently the data are stored in zip files by month.

The data were downloaded, unzipped, and the csv file was located into Mac Numbers. Stations in Fairfax County have station numbers from 32200 to 32236. I sorted by station number, then cut an pasted this range into a new sheet. At the bottom of the data I added cells that contained just the station name. Then I used this formula in the adjacent column to count the occurrence of each station name in the data above:


Where $E$2:$E$624 is the absolute cell reference for the range of station names. A627 is the station name, a relative reference so that when the formula is copied and pasted to the next row, the next station name will be compared and counted.