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Friday, November 21, 2008
 Back from JAX 
We took a short trip to Jacksonville to visit Mom, to see how she's doing and to help her run some errands and to shop. Without a car it's difficult to get around. While her community provides rides to some places, it's unfortunate that they don't provide a place to purchase basic necessities like food and drugs.

We had a good visit, taking some time each day for a bike ride along the beach roads, down to Ponte Vedra Beach and back. In front of the Ponte Vedra Inn is a historical marker (in photo at right) which documents a little-known incident during WWII in which four Nazis landed on the beach nearby. They were part of a plan, to become known as Operation Pastorius: "Their mission was to stage sabotage attacks on American economic targets". They were later arrested after being exposed by an informer.

It was good to see that Mom is doing well, taking walks and getting stronger every day after her battle with cancer.

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