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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
 Portland's Bike to Work Challenge 
Portland takes their cycling seriously. The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is very active in promoting cycling in the Portland area. One of their more visible events is the Bike Commute Challenge, a competition among companies in the area.
The Bike Commute Challenge is a friendly competition workplace against workplace with benefits for companies and individual cyclists when employees bike to work during the month of September.

The BTA determines workplaces in each of 5 size categories with the highest percentage of bike trips compared to overall possible employee trips - and announces the winners in mid-October.

Individual cyclists who made seven or more trips by bike in September claim their sweet reward - discounts on gear at their local bike shops (with a printout of their tally card). Discounts are valid after 7 trips are made, and redeemable only in the month of September.

We've been holding a similar event for Reston Bike to Work Day, and the USGS has won every year, the prize being a free lunch sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Maybe this year we need to kick it up a notch; expand the categories, use online tracking of trips and miles, and include the entire month of May instead of just Bike to Work Day.

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