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Thursday, October 27, 2005
 The Boomer Effect 
In discussing trips that friends have made recently, I've noticed what I'll call the Boomer Effect. Both people mentioned that they had traveled to Europe in October hoping to escape the summer tourists. They were surprised by the crowds, many of which were Americans. As we boomers age, we have a little more free time and are not limited in scheduling our vacations during the summer months. The catch is that there are so many of us now traveling, that we're creating our own off-season crowds. We also have this annoying tendency to see the world from our perspective only, thinking that we have such a big influence on the world. We are a large group, but there are probably many other factors that can explain what I'm calling the Boomer Effect.

As an aside, a friend who was recently in Florence, Italy noted that he couldn't get into any of the more popular museums in October. Reservations made far in advance were required and so they traveled instead, going to Cinque Terra, to discover the place was swamped with American tourists. More boomers?

Another Boomer Effect closer to home is the exodus from this area to North and South Carolina. Apparently there are many retirement communities springing up down there waiting for us boomers to sell our expensive houses up here and invest the proceeds in these new places. Several friends and neighbors have already made the move; the first boomer wave. The same thing is happening in the Shenandoah Valley and southern Virginia.

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