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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
 10,000 year clock 
At Discover Magazine there's a fascinating article about the 10,000 year clock being built by Danny Hillis of the Long Now Foundation:
What kind of machine can, for 10 millennia, accurately reconcile hours, days, weeks, months, leap years, leap centuries, the precession (wobbling around an axis) of planetary orbits, and, grandest cycle of all, the 25,784-year precession of the equinox?
Brian Eno has produced a CD entitled Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now. Free downloads are available from Amazon.

The clock is a crazy idea, but I can see it being worshiped one day in the future as a sacred object that lives long after it's creator has passed away. People will make pilgrimages to see it. Just the idea of the clock has forced people to begin to think about the future.

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