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Wednesday, May 01, 2002
It's been a hectic week; making final preparations for the Reston Bike to Work Day event on Friday, May 3, only 3 days away. We must have done a good job promoting the event since over 150 people are signed up. We'll probably run out of food and drinks, but it's difficult planning an event for the first time, without having any idea how many people might show up. It looks like the rain will end Thurs. night and Friday should be relatively clear but cool.

The guest column I wrote for the local paper had a short shelf life; it's no longer on the web. An article on the W&OD Trail in the same issue is still available. [The article on Bike to Work Week is still online. I was searching for my name, the author, and it was not found. When I searched for the title, sure enough, it turned up.]

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