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Wednesday, May 29, 2002
It's been great being able to watch the Giro d'Italia on OLN TV every day, either live in the morning, or the taped show each night. Tyler Hamilton, the sole American contender, is now in 2nd place, just seconds out of the lead. If Tyler can survive tomorrow's mountain stage in the top 10 and not lose much time, he should be able to take the pink jersey after the time trial and have an excellent chance to win the race.

This has been a wonderful Spring, one of the few in which relatively cool days have lasted for most of the season. Seems like we usually have a few cool days and then the heat and humidity move in. Been riding lots of miles lately, using all 4 bikes at various times. The old Trek 1200 seems so light after riding the fully loaded mountain and touring bikes, and each time I try out the Bike Friday I remember how much fun it is to ride. Been riding up a nearby short and very steep hill, telling myself I'm getting ready for the Manayunk Wall Climb the day before the US Pro campionship race in Philadelphia.

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