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Tuesday, September 04, 2001
The Sept. 13, 2001 Rolling Stone magazine contains some good articles: Ralph Nader is not sorry; Nirvana's Nevermind Ten Years After; National Affairs on alternative energy; and a review of Bjork's latest. I usually read RS in the library, but broke down and bought this issue. The Nader article is revealing in that I can now see why he is not sorry. According to him, having Dubya in the White House is "a boon to the country. He says that a right-wing reactionary govenment is the best way to fire up progressives, who've grown appathetic, fatalistic and indifferent."

I agree with the comments by Chris Lehane: "You do have to wonder when the guy sees the possible exploration, if not exploitation of ANWR; when he sees allowing more lead into drinking water; when he sees a prescription-drug benefit not passing that would really have an impact; when he sees less money going to inner cities. This is not some academic discussion. This is real life, and the person who occupies the Oval Office has an immense impact on a lot of people's lives who do not have a voice. It's as inexplicable as it is indefensible."

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