Summarizing Numbers data

I have a table with a row for each bike facility occurrence in each VA county and the trails in each county. I want to summarize that data. It can be done using Categories in Numbers. Under Organize, select Add Categories. This will sort the table and create a new row for each category. Cells in that row can be designated to Sum the values in that column. The Category was Locality and the Length of each facility segment is totaled by clicking the gears in the category row for that attribute. All Categories can be collapsed and the total for Length calculated by selecting the category totals and pasting them into another sheet and totaling those.

How to obtain name and addresses

The Mailing List Generator allows users to create mailing lists for adjoining property notifications. The tool allows users to drop a point on a parcel and generates a list of all property owners addresses within 500ft of the parcel. 

How do I use it? Follow these simple steps.

1. Locate the parcel where you would like to generate the list. 

2. Activate the Mailing List Generator by clicking on the envelope icon.

3. Click on the Selection Point icon and drop in the parcel. 

4. Select Run. 

5. Once the tool has run the mailing list can be accessed by clicking the hyperlink under mailing list.