Using the PLUS land use system

Fairfax County now uses the application PLUS to access all planning and zoning records. To find information, use the Search window at the top. Search by address, application number, parcel number, etc.

Application number – If there are multiple numbers, there is likely a Parent application where the Staff Report will be located 2 weeks before the case is heard by the Planning Commission. To find the staff report, click on the Record Information>Related Records. The parent application is listed first and the related applications indented. After selecting the parent application, under Record Information>Attachments (wait a minute for them to appear), should be the staff report.

Parcel number – Use the Validator to check the proper format for the parcel number. Start typing the 4 digit first number, with leading zeros, and options for the next numbers should appear. You can cut and past this number into the general search window of PLUS. However, it will not work in the Parcel number search option of PLUS. Use the general search option instead.

Address – Use the Validator and then the general search option.