Using ePub docs in Kindle

I recently downloaded a book in .epub format and wanted to transfer it to my Kindle. Since that format cannot be directly imported, I needed to convert to another format. An acceptable format is .mobi. Kindle makes a free app called Kindle Preview to allow ebook producers to preview what their books in progress look like on a Kindle. The app also converts from ePub to mobi. The ePub format was dropped into the Open Book window and after a while was readable. Once imported the book could be exported to .mobi format.

I tried to email the book to my kindle (after finding out the kindle device email address using the Manage your devices option on Amazon, then clicking on Preferences). But the book was too big to send so I discovered that I can simply connect the Kindle reader to the Mac using the usb charger cable. The .mobi file was put into the Documents folder and it then appeared on the Kindle. If emailed, you will receive a message from Amazon? asking you to verify the email request. Once verified the book will appear on the Kindle.

Update: To input a .mobi file into Kindle, download the file on the iPhone or laptop. I navigated to and downloaded an Agatha Christie novel (Ebook-No. 863). The .mobi file is placed in the Files folder on the iPhone and Download folder on the Mac. I clicked on the .mobi file which brings up a blank window.  I then clicked on the send icon and chose Kindle. I could then enter the title and author and select Send to Kindle.

Update 3/12/2022 – After downloading a .mobi file on the laptop, double-clicked on the file and the Kindle app started and the file was automatically imported. However, the file has not appeared on the Kindle device yet.

Update 12/10/2022 – Some Gutenberg books are in epub3 format that can be sent directly to the Kindle email address and imported directly into the Kindle.