Reston Golf Course Redevelopments

Hidden Creek Country Club in north Reston.

Reston National Golf Course in south Reston.

Washington Post article about possible development of Reston National Golf Course: ‘But this case is about more than a golf course. The Metro is coming to Reston, and lots of large development decisions are coming down the pike there. How will Reston’s master plan, using concentrated density to create green space elsewhere, fit with those who would build the next Ballston around Reston’s stations at Wiehle Avenue and Reston Parkway?

Reston’s creator, Robert E. Simon, told me recently [see below] that it fits fine, so long as you still have the recreation.’

Robert Simon to the Washington Post in 2012: ‘He said density was not a bad thing. “Density is good,” Simon said. ”It makes open space possible,” when you use apartments or high-rises to create density vertically. “High-rises are not anti-community,” he said, and he noted that the Stratford apartment complex near Reston Town Center has a community of engaged residents that is “really fabulous.”’