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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

How not to work with plexiglass. One of the most expensive parts of framing an artwork is the glass. To have a piece cut to size costs a small fortune. I decided to try to use clear plexiglass. It's relatively inexpensive, about $10. for a piece around 22” by 30”.

What I didn't know was how difficult it is to cut the plexiglass. One is supposed to score along the break line, then hold the glass over a round object like a pole, then snap it. Well, it snapped, with a not very straight edge. Ended up using the entire sheet to make two 10” by 13” pieces. Finally had to clamp the glass to a workbench, with the scored break line at the edge of the bench. The snapped piece wasn't that straight, but the remaining pieces could be successively broken off. Not sure that I've saved much. We'll see how clean the surface is after I take off the protective plastic cover sheets. If it's OK, I may try doing it again.

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