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Sunday, December 31, 2000
It was good to see some of the neighbors at one of the few gatherings we have here, re-introducing ourselves again since some of us never see the others, mostly those of us without kids. The families with kids all seem to be buddies, kids and parents.

Posted some Florida pictures that I took earlier in December. They were taken with the Canon Powershot A5, one of the earliest really small, 1M pixel digital cameras. Of course soon afterward the resolution doubled and the price halved, and a zoom was added, but it's a great little camera. One of those Christmas gifts that bounces back.

Cleaned up my homepage by removing some links that I never use and adding the link to the Florida photos. Really need to redesign the page but haven't taken the chunk of time necessary. Maybe next week.

Stopped reading the Naipaul book, Among the Believers. While interesting, a good editor was needed as Naipaul seemed to repeat every conversation verbatum, whether it added to the book or not. Learned a little about Islam, but just got tired of the pace of the book. Starting Night Train by Martin Amis, a writer about which I've heard a great deal but have never read.

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